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Changes of all RouteConverter versions

Release 2.11 from 30. October '13

Release 2.10 from 12. July '13

Release 2.9 from 27. May '13

  • reads Garmin Fit (.fit) files
  • extracts speed from Sports Tracker (*.gpx) files
  • is optimized for large tracks with several hundred thousand positions
  • allows to display coordinates as decimal degrees, degrees and decimal minutes, degrees minutes and seconds
  • allows to display coordinates at current mouse position
  • allows to display the waypoint description next to the waypoint
  • allows to add time to positions interpolated from existing time information
  • allows to add new positions not only for one but for all selected positions
  • stores position list name and description for waypoints in of GPX files
  • gives routes nicer names when splitting them
  • works with Java 7 and Mac OS X 10.8
  • notifies about Java updates
  • fixes a bug when the Google Maps Directions API throwed OVER_QUERY_LIMIT exception since more than one request was active at a given time
  • fixes a bug stopping threads when shutting down to fix Java 1.7.0_07 on OpenSUSE problems
  • fixes a bug when selecting and moving positions failed
  • fixes a bug when displaying large number of waypoints
  • fixes a bug that route names in Training Center Database(.tcx) files should be unique and not exceed 15 characters
  • fixes a bug when writing Google Maps URLs (*.url)
  • fixes a bug when reading i-Blue 747 (.csv) and Qstarz BT-Q1000 (*.csv) files without timestamps
  • fixes a bug when reading Columbus V900 Standard (.csv) files with 'G' fix indicator
  • fixes a bug when writing GPX 1.1 (.gpx) files with speed as m/s
  • fixes a bug that SRTM data files were deleted upon program completion
  • fixes a bug that required to select a position to be allowed to print
  • fixes a bug that null values for elevation where ignored during complete or edit operations
  • fixes a bug to bring up the help window when started via Webstart