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Displays, edits and converts GPS data

Almost every GPS software and device on the market seems to use it's very own, very special way of storing routes, tracks and waypoints. RouteConverter supports the most common formats including the popular GPX and KML formats.

What makes RouteConverter special is that all formats are detected automatically, so there is no need for you to guess. Just drag and drop the GPS files into RouteConverter, wait a second and have a look at the information that RouteConverter displays about the loaded data:

Information inside the GPS file

Here you can see:

  • RouteConverter has detected the format of the file as "Google Earth 5 (*.kml)"
  • The file contains 5 position lists: 1 route, 2 tracks and 2 waypoint lists
  • The currently displayed position list is a track that is called "Sebastians Runmeter-Cycle-20110806-1034"
  • The track contains 2548 positions and covers a length of 122.5 kilometers. The sum of all ascends between its positions is 1427 meters, the sum of all descends between its positions is 1355 meters.

Converting this file to another format means that you have to select

File/Save as...

and then the format you want

Select format

And finally you have your GPS data converted to the selected format.